Coaching is a profound method of enabling you to uncover your hidden potential and set yourself on track to achieve your goals, regardless of how you conceive and define them. The work during a coaching session is integral; in other words, the focus is on all your actual needs and always engages with you in your entirety … body, mind, heart and soul.

No matter what you may want to work on, I will always take care to ensure that the methods we use in our coaching sessions are adapted to your unique, personal needs. I act as your signpost, indicating your path and I provide you with the essential tools which will enable you to bring about the changes you are looking for in your life and forge ahead towards the goals you have set yourself.

In the main, I follow two lines:

Integral Coaching, which is grounded in human psychological growth and Integral Theory, focusing on simultaneous spiritual, physical, mental and emotional development. This is a comprehensive approach to the process of bringing about changes in one’s own life.

Zen Coaching, a fusion of contemporary coaching and timeless wisdom, rooted in living a life of flowing tranquillity and simplicity. The focus here is on existing in the present moment and determining one’s aims and the method I use calls on Zen philosophy and is based on working co-actively and achieving an understanding by means of non-violent communication. It combines ‘tough’ tools with empathy and the ability to listen.

Just contact me to make an appointment. The first online session is free of charge and during that, I will give you a deeper insight into what coaching is and how it can work for you.

Is coaching right for you?

Yes … if you have a feeling of being unfilled or have reached a dead end in your life or have any kind of dilemma and want to rediscover your sense of balance or improve your interpersonal relationships, be they professional or private … or both. Coaching is right for you if you want:

  • to find your way back onto your life’s path and achieve your goals
  • manage your employees effectively
  • explore and develop your assertiveness and self-confidence
  • cope with stress
  • understand your own emotions
  • alter your habits and convictions
  • explore intercultural differences and discover how to adapt to them
  • and much, much more …

What form does it take?

  • Individual consultations in person, on Skype or via video conferencing